Near Shore – Off Shore

What are the benefits of near-shore vs. off-shore with Connections IT Services

   Cost Savings
   Time Savings
   Convenience & Collaboration
   Efficient Communications
   Different Time Zones

What are you looking for?

   The best developers?
   The best price?
   The least hassle?
 More security?
   Or a mix of everything?

Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada

India, Singapore, United Kingdom

Increased Recurring Revenue

Expand your recurring revenue streams and accelerate your transformation by releasing valuable capital back into your business.

Improved Time to Market

Sell faster and deliver robust solutions more efficiently by investing in and accelerating your digital transformation with GLM.

Reduced Costs

Pay only for what you need when you need it so you can dial your services up or down based on your customers’ needs.

Reduced Complexity

Eliminate complexities and focus more on what matters most with GLM as your single, go-to service delivery partner.

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