Our CultureWho we Are?
Value, Collaboration, Accountability, Ingenuity, and Integrity
Connections IT Services' Culture Is Built Upon Our Core Values

Value| Collaboration| Accountability| Ingenuity|  Integrity|

“VALUE” We value our relationships with our Partners, Technology Professional Staff, and Sales and Operations staff equally. People are the core of every organization and demonstrating to our Partners and Staff that they are the key ingredient to our success and the differentiating factor between us and our competitors enables our success as an organization.

“COLLABORATION” We can all learn a lesson from Bees on the impact Collaboration has on being a likeminded group working efficiently towards the same goal. The ability to bring people together from varying backgrounds and walks of life for the purpose achieving a goal takes a serious commitment from everyone. Connections IT Services is seriously committed to collaborating with organizations and Technology professionals to Align Strategy with Talent.

“ACCOUNTABILITY” In every successful relationship business or personal you will find one common thread, ACCOUNTABILITY. As a company we are accountable to our partners to deliver quality solutions that demonstrate value. As an employer we are accountable to our Technology and Operations Staff to create opportunities for career advancement, a great professional environment, and security through increasing sales and profitability. As a member of the DFW Community we are Accountable for giving back to the community through donations and volunteering. We embrace and foster a culture of Accountability because accountability creates transparency. Our goal is to partner with organizations and hire individuals who seek the same level of accountability in their professional relationships.

“INGENUITY” Innovation is the key to solving business problems and creating the next generation of Talent and Technology Solutions. We are constantly evaluating our process and tools to ensure that we remain competitive in delivering quality resources and technology solutions. We partner with Software and Infrastructure organizations that allow us to be agile and creative in how we engage our partners to deliver our Solutions and Services.

“INTEGRITY” Integrity is the Core Value at the foundation of our company. Organizations and people with good intentions make promises, organizations and people with Integrity deliver on their promise. Connections IT Services standard is that we develop solutions for our customer that are in our ability to deliver and demonstrate value.